John Deere 2020 Review

John Deere 2020 Review

John Deere 2020 Review The John Deere 2020 is a medium-sized agricultural tractor produced by John Deere from 1965 – 1971. The previous model that was built by JD is the John Deere 2010. These tractors were built and produced in a range of locations; From Mexico to Dubuque in Iowa to Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Interestingly the 2020 was part of the “new Generation ” of the line of tractors they were building at the time, although almost 40 years after the last shot of the production line, it doesn’t look exactly like new, even if they still operate at a very high Level!

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The JD 2020 has a choice of 2 John Deere built and designed engines to feed it. The first is a 4-cylinder, 3-liter, John Deere petrol engine with natural aspiration providing 54 hp, while the other is a 4-cylinder, 3.3 liter diesel engine providing 54 HP as well. By the time the John Deere 2020 was rolling off the production line, the tractor does not come with a roller bar as standard. However, as time passed, many people manually added their own bows. Some even went so far as to add a full cab, to protect themselves from the elements in cooler regions.

The generous fuel tank on the JD 2020 is capable of holding 73.8 liters (19.5 US gallons) of fuel, while the required 37.9 liters (10 US gallons) for it’s hydraulic system. Using its synchronized, changing collar, the John Deere 2020 has 8 forward gears, while only 4 reverses allow you to achieve a maximum speed of just over 16 miles per hour.

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Many people are very fond of this tractor and it is actually still in use today thanks to the option of a front-end loader that makes most medium sized tasks very easy indeed. Fortunately, like many popular models of John Deere’s Yester years, the JD 2020 does not suffer from many mechanical problems at all and is still frequently used on farms, not only remains as an antiquities tractor.

John Deere 2020 Review

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Factory: Dubuque, Iowa, USA
  • Mexico
  • Original Price (USD)
  • $5,800 (1971)
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