2020 John Deere Tractor Specs

2020 John Deere Tractor Specs

2020 John Deere Tractor Specs John Deere has announced several updates for the 2019 model year to its big 9R, 9RT and 9RX tractors, which include a mix of cutting edge technology and performance-enhancing features.

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For the first time, John Deere is offering one (3.05m) on 9470RX, 9520RX, 9570RX and 9620RX of the Four Track Ag Tractors series, which come with 30 and 36 inches (76.2 cm and 91.4 cm) track. The extra breadth of this machine is ideal for customers who want to control traffic patterns and increased stability on hilly terrain, says Tiffany Turner, product marketing manager, big tractors for John Deere. A wider posture also facilitates daily maintenance and maintenance and provides easy material cleaning.

Turner says customers needing a John Deere 9RX equipped with a 3-point hook will have to choose the 87-inch track distances (2.21m) with the 30 inches (76.2 cm) track distances as the wider distance of 120 inches (3.05 m) is not with a 3-point hook Compatible.

Deere also offers the possibility of a surface-like or field-shaped hydraulic Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system to increase tractor performance when operating devices that require continuous hydraulic performance.

Hydraulic IPM is specifically designed for airspace operators who use large drills and air trucks on their yards, Turner says. Hydraulic IPM offers an additional 25 hp in gearboxes 5 to 18 and adds 50 more horsepower in gearboxes 1 to 4, allowing the tractor to draw heavy loads in difficult conditions.

A dual-pump-specific, selective control valve has eight total SCVs with three SCVs, with three centimeters of SCVs (1.9 cm) SCVs; And five, with half-inch (1.3cm) SCVs. The larger clutches allow for an additional 7 gallons (26.5 L) per minute hydraulic oil flow to reduce restrictions on high demand from fan engines on large air cars. The increased hydraulic capacity also raises and lowers frames on large air drills more quickly to improve efficiency in the field.

Hydraulic IPM is compatible with the 2015 John Deere 9620R Ag Tractors model year and 2016 9620RX Ag Tractors. It requires a 115 gallon (435 L) per minute dual hydraulic pump and is not compatible with a 3-point hook.

An update of the Generation 4 CommandCenter 18-1 software installed at the factory is also included as the basic equipment for the 2019 model year on John Deere 9R, 9RT and 9RX tractors.

A CommandCenter AutoTrac activation comes with the MY 2019 update, offering non-transferable, machine-specific AutoTrac functionality on the integrated Gen 4 Command Center. The Command Center Premium Activation, which is available so far, will be discontinued and replaced by the 4600 CommandCenter Premium Activation 3.0 or 4600 CommandCenter Automation 1.0.

2020 John Deere Tractor Specs

  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Factory: Dubuque, Iowa, USA
  • Mexico
  • Original price (USD)
  • $5,800 (1971)
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