2019 John Deere Tractors

2019 John Deere Tractors

2019 John Deere Tractors North America’s largest power-angle-tilt (PAT) Crawler Bulldozer now offers the benefits of John Deere SmartGrade ™. Adding SmartGrade technology to the Dubuque, Iowa, manufactured 950K Pat improves the quality of work and the accuracy of the construction site by the Full integration of the Topcon 3d MC2 grade control system. When the system is fully integrated in the machine room, structures and software – the duties of the performance while eliminating the sensitive outer bars and cables.

“The 950K Pat Bulldozer and our entire SmartGrade lineup have been very successful since their respective launches, ” said Nathan Horster, crawler Caterpillar Product marketing Manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “It only made sense to put together these two innovations and to offer customers a game changer in terms of the productivity and efficiency of the bulldozer on the construction site. “

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By integrating SmartGrade into the machine, external cables are eliminated at the masts, which reduces the breakage, and the removal of the masts from the blades helps to reduce the susceptibility to theft and damage. SmartGrade technology eliminates the need to install blade-mounted sensors and components daily, eliminating makeready times, and allowing operators to do more work.

The automatic SmartGrade is a central feature of the integrated machine control system. This allows the operator to easily adjust the system when the machine is moved from one floor type to another, as opposed to an after-market system that often requires the GPS manager to make a trip to the machine to recalibrate the system. Especially helpful for new operators, auto SmartGrade automatically lifts the blade over heavy loads before trace slip occurs, then gives the blade grade. SmartGrade also limits the number of passes required, reducing the wear speed on the chassis. Compared to conventional mast systems, the John Deere SmartGrade Bulldozer is almost 7 percent more accurate over the entire speed range of the bulldozer.

Another advantage of the SmartGrade technology is that the machine dimensions are biased into the monitor of the grade and the time for calibrating the bulldozer is reduced to about 30 minutes. The easy-to-use system is advantageous for new operators as it can quickly prepare and use them.

And 950K Pat SmartGrade Bulldozer an EPA last stage 4/EU stage IV John Deere 9.0-liter (549-cubic inch) engine and 280 hp (209 kw). Contractors to perform at an efficient hydrostatic power designed to transfer line, approximately 15 per cent more power, ground in a conventional torque converter drive. John Deere Dual Road hydrostatic transmission allows the operator a full turn without losing any of the material on the contrary, conventional torque converter gear competitor machines.

2019 John Deere Tractors

6-way Pat blade with 8.6 cubic meters (6.6 m³) gives you the flexibility to operators in the workpiece blade angle all the time. PAT increases the productivity and versatility for a wide variety of tasks by jobs, otherwise too many machines.

Fleet managers, best, 950K Pat SmartGrade bulldozer can rely on, John Deere dealers, superior availability and John Deere WorkSight ™. Superior operating time can be filled and the owners that checks for a period of five years from the JDLink™ telematics, Machine health estimates, remote diagnosis and the programming skills and offers the ability to work for the solutions provided in the authorized a special package.

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