2019 John Deere 2025r

2019 John Deere 2025r

2019 John Deere 2025r The John Deere 2025R Compact service tractor offers customers a versatile, easy-to-use machine designed to handle a variety of tasks. Equipped with proven and true, state-of-the-art 4-compliant diesel engines, the fully redesigned 2025R enhances efficiency, service life and serviceability.

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The 2025R TwinTouch ™ comes equipped with foot controls and allows the operator to select the driving speed and direction with a light touch on the toe, allowing the operator to reduce fatigue and improve productivity. With the addition of the optional Auto Accelerator, the operator can automatically increase or decrease the engine speed when pressing any of the TwinTouch pedals. The 2025R also has an equal back and forth ground speed allowing faster directional changes when combined with the TwinTouch pedals.

“comfort, reliability and productivity are key considerations that impact our customer’s decision to purchase a compact utility tractor. When redesigning the 2025R, we focus on incorporating the features that met these needs to provide customers with a powerful, durable machine, “said Demark Cole, product Specialist for compact utility tractors. “The 2025R is designed to offer versatility and convenience to ensure that customers can easily move from task to task, either by mowing, digging or transporting. “

The 2025R operator station has been equipped with features to enhance comfort and visibility. The controls are repositioned and color-coded for easy identification and convenient operation. The pad in the new seat is 2-inches thicker than the previous model and features full-seat armrest and suspension. The rubber floor mats reduce the vibration and noise to the operator, making the operation more enjoyable, while the standard cruise control reduces operator fatigue. Other developments include a newly designed toolbox that provides built-in storage and ability to be removed from the tractor for everyday needs.

The design of the 2025R improves the operator’s view with a new inclined lid design similar to the other models of the John Deere Compact auxiliary tractor. Standard working lights, as well as optional LED working lights, increase visibility area, further maximizing productivity and overall operating time. The 2025R is available with one of three tire options, including the new radial R3 tyre, providing an ideal solution for applications requiring a better travel. The R3 bias ply Tyre and the R4 industrial tyre complete the available tire options.

Operators can quickly set up and dismantle their vehicles in 2025R, reducing the transition between tasks. Customized application configurations – seven different combinations in all – reduce the time it takes to install and remove tools when preparing a task. The Quik-Park ™ charger facilitates installation and dismantling with an integrated parking handle that keeps setup easy and allows operators to spend more time manually. In addition, the AutoConnect™ Medium Mount 2025R features an industry-leading cover that allows the operator to close and remove the cover effortlessly. A few minutes. The current height of the mower deck allows quick and easy adjustment of the mower cover at the touch of a button.

The daily operation was developed using four-row connectors and allowed the owners to quickly and easily deliver the side panels to the docking station in less than a minute. The addition of an air filter limit indicator warns the operator when the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced to simplify routine maintenance.

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2019 John Deere 2025r

  • Powerful and efficient fuel level IV Yanmar engine
  • Hydraulic transmission with TwinTouch ™ pedals for ease of use
  • Auto-Connect ™ 7-up to 60 inch mower boards
  • Standard Cruise Control, 12-V output and Premium seats


  • 3-cylinder durable, efficient, high-torque diesel engine provides adequate power
  • The mechanical components of the mower deck lifting platform reduce to the distributor initial installation
  • The optional feature of IMatch ™ Quick Hitch allows easy connection of the instrument
  • Excellent service capacity improves productivity
  • Implementing the composition improves efficiency
  • Top Independent Mower Lift system allows quick and easy adjustment
  • Easy-to-use hydrostatic transmission (HST) increases efficiency
  • Open operator station is comfortable and convenient
  • Quick and easy implement change offers versatility


  • Family: GYDXL 1.27 ns1/HYDXL 1.27 ns1
  • Manufacturer: Yanmar
  • Engine Model: 3TNV80F-NCJT
  • Motor Power (gross): 17.8 KW/23,9 HP/SAE J1995 rated Power
  • Takeoff Power (PTO) Power: 13.4 KW/18 HP
  • Rated engine speed: 3200 rpm
  • Type: Diesel
  • Injection pump type: Indirect injection
  • Aspiration: Natural
  • Emissions compliance: final Tier 4
  • Cylinders/Displacement: 3/1,267 L/3/77 cu in.
  • Number of cylinders: three
  • Cylinder Liners: Cast-in-Block
  • Bore & Stroke: 80 x 84 mm/3.2 x 3.3 in.
  • Compression ratio: 23:01
  • Lubrication: Pressurized
  • Cooling system: Water pump
  • air filter: Dual element
  • Motor torque at rated Speed: 53 nm/39,09 lb.-ft
  • Fuel tank Capacity: 23.8 L/6.3 gal.
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