2018 John Deere Gator XUV

2018 John Deere Gator XUV

2018 John Deere Gator XUV For customers who need daily comfort with off-road terrain in all seasons, John Deere introduces the new gas powered Gator XUV835 and Diesel drive XUV865 commercial vehicles. With our quietest cabin, three wide seating and exceptional heating and air conditioning, the new full-fledged Gator commercial vehicles help farmers and ranchers maximize productivity and comfort.

“The new Gator XUV models combine versatility, longevity and comfort into a machine that can boost productivity in all types of conditions,” said Mark Davey, marketing manager at John Deere. “It’s a workhorse that does every job with features that save farmers time and energy. “

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For operators with different terrain, the 54-hp (43 kw) XUV835 and 23-hp (17 kw) XUV865 provide a tight rotation and optimal weight distribution for superior off-road performance. The XUV835 reaches speeds of over 45 mph (72 km/h) and the XUV865 offers a maximum speed of over 30 mph (48 km/h). The versatility is supported by the compatibility with a full range of over 90 attachments, from snow shovels to winches. They also have a large, 11 gallon (42 L) tank to allow the vehicle to run longer between the fillings.

The first units in the Gator family that have three broad seating positions, the new XUV835 and XUV865 have an adjustable driver’s seat, a large legroom and a tilt steering to ensure operator fatigue during long working days in the field. Reduce.

HVAC systems, methods, and the cabins are available to offer a one-year, it is pressurized with tempest, his post, which offers to a cold one, the cooler operating conditions of winter in the sleet, and snow in summer, and the hard conditions in the heating possibilities. Heating feature is that you can also derusts windshield to work efficiently. Further functions soundproofing cabin noise isolation and willingly to provide a quieter experience.

The offer sleek new vehicles ← back and increased weight bearing fitting with multiple, long-lasting loaderbox. As regards the towing capacity of 2000 lb (907kg) of barley, 16 (60 l) of storage can be more in transport manufacturers, less time spent.

The introduction of the new units and signals the transition of new models in the current naming conventions. And all models XUV switch to an “e”, “1000”, or “R” label means that the level of functions and performance of the unit.

Live and live XUV865R XUV835R will come as standard with air power, such as purple seating cabin, much like you tractor siblings. When his interiors, only an exclusive, the headliners of a cab of seed in the attenuation between the most comfortable of our live sound is the reward of the formation. R-stage cutting the book includes even more ready-to-install the cabling enable faster installation of roof lights or affected by electrical and R are models of standard, lighter, longer duration required headlights.

2018 John Deere Gator XUV

  • Three person cockpit
  • Power steering for maneuverability
  • Long lasting LED lights, standard
  • Cab with heat and A/C, standard
  • STARTING AT: $23,499.00USD
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